Smart Induction Trash Can

$54.99 $89.40
  • The smart sensor compartment opens the era of intelligence, which can sense quickly and open the lid in 0.3 seconds, bringing a new experience to you and your family.
  • Open and close silently, enjoy life, and feel the joy of freedom.
  • Comfortable 0-40 cm sensing height. When a person's hands and knees or an object approach the cover, it will automatically open, and will automatically close after leaving the sensing range for 5 seconds.
  • Built-in LED light, which can be turned on at any time at night.
  • Double barrel design inside and outside, clean and easy to store.
  • USB-dc interface, fast charging, with a new generation of smart chips, more stable performance and faster response, please use 5V power adapter for charging, no need to replace the battery, the red light is on when the USB is charging, and the green light is on when it is full.

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