3Pcs Gas Fill Plastic Adapter Into Inflatable Tank





  • 100% Brand New And Super High Quality.
  • The red gas nozzle is only used for card-type gas tanks (converted into inflatable gas tanks), ordinary lighter gas tanks are unsuitable.
  • This Plastic Conversion Gas Nozzle Can Be Directly Put On The Cassette Gas Tank (Converted Into An Inflatable Gas Tank), Which Is Very Convenient.
  • Size: Bottom Inflation Hole Diameter 4.1mm,Top Inflation Hole Diameter 1.1mm, Bottom Head Diameter 7mm, Top Head Diameter 2.1mm(Approx).
  • After It Is Fully Inflated, Put It Upright For 5-8 Minutes, And Use It After The Gas Is Stable, Otherwise It Is Prone To Fire.


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