Sweet Almond Oil




* 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil.

* Cold Pressed | Virgin | Fresh.

* Made from fresh almonds.

* Kosher | Food Grade | Topical Grade.

* Our Sweet Almond Oil is Unscented and Undiluted with no added ingredients or additives. Sweet Almond Oil is food grade and safe for all skin types.

* It is rich in fatty acids such as Vitamin A & E. Absorbs easily into the skin and is a great emollient for moisturizing your hair, body and skin.

* Common uses: Massage, Skin Care & Hair Care / Hair Growth.

* Our Sweet Almond Oil is Cold Pressed from Almond Kernels.

* The Botanical Name for Sweet Almond Oil is Prunus Dulcis

* Light Yellow / Viscous liquid with a mild odor and taste.

* Commonly used in Soap Making.


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