Full Face Covering Bandana Ski Mask


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  • Material: Breathable microfiber material allows easy breath but ultra protection.
  • Dustproof, breathable, lightweight, soft, elastic, smooth, absorbent, quick-drying, UV protection, moisture wicking, fast sweat kick-away & fast dry, protective full face scarf.
  • Size: One size fits most men or women. You can use it under any helmet or hat, full face protection.
  • Ideal for riding, hunting, climbing, running, cycling, motorcycling, boating, skating, skiing, surfing, hiking and other outdoor sports or war games, paintball and hunting.
  • Functional 5 in 1 Full Face scarf, It is versatile to be used all year around. Gives cold, wind and sun protection while skiing, motorcycling, running, cycling, trekking, fishing, hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities.

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